Saturday, March 31, 2012

Johnny: 5 Months

Johnny is 5 months old now.

5 solid months of goodness and weeping.

This boy has my heart.


When we were pregnant with Tommy I wondered if I would ever love someone as much as I loved him. He was the answer to so many prayers and he healed such heartache that I worried about loving any other kids enough. I wondered if I'd ever feel that kind of excitement with someone else.

But Johnny. Oh that Johnny. I love him in a way I can't adequately describe. And I suspect he loves me too. Because if you don't love someone, you don't smile to the point of blur every time you see their face.

And you certainly don't forgive them for making you wait "10 more minutes" before getting you out of bed every morning. Because that just might be unforgivable.

Although the child demands to be held for as many hours as possible during the day, he doesn't mind if I put him down while he eats. And sometimes he just curls up in the sunlight under a pillow for a short nap.

Tommy loves Johnny more and more every day. He is especially excited that Johnny is old enough to hold a toy, a book, an animal anything. So he is constantly handing him stuff. "Here go Johnny." 
But only a few things are sweeter than hearing Tommy adding Johnny to his prayers. "Thankful for Daddy. And Mommy. AND JOHNNY!!! be a family." 
They just can't get enough of each other. And I can't get enough of them loving each other.

My mom swears I never take good pictures of her. I think she's lying. She loves Johnny too.

Sometimes Johnny & Tommy are lucky enough to hang out with the ladies. Just often enough to feel comfortable on a pretty-princess chair. 

We've been working on solids over the last month. He really wasn't a big fan of rice cereal, but as soon as we broke out the real food he went nuts. We started with squash, peas, and green beans. Then I let him try peaches and I don't think he ever wants to eat anything else again. I'm making his food because I think it makes the transition to real food easier. And I hate having to buy stuff just for babies at the grocery store. I can't get out of the "baby stuff" section of the store fast enough.

And just in case you were starting to think he doesn't look like his brother anymore....

He's a bit fussy, he likes to be held, he barfs a gallon a day, and often he cries. But one giggle-fest or smile from this handsome little one and all is forgiven.

Because miraculously I love him every bit as much as I have ever loved his brother.


  1. He's so precious! And so lucky to have such a loving, wonderful family! P.S. I hate the baby section too - such a rip-off!


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