Monday, March 19, 2012

One thing I love about sharing a room with the kids

We're currently living in a hotel*.

Because we're on vacation.

A real vacation.

One where Josh took time off work.

For the first time since we went to Alaska....4 years ago. (Not counting "my wife just had a baby" vacation time.)

Anyway, one thing I love about sharing a room with ALL of my boys (even the little ones) is watching them sleep. And more importantly watching Josh snuggle them to sleep.

Also going to sleep ridiculously early because what else are you gonna do silently in a dark room filled with kids? (Blog. But it took me 2 days to figure that out.)

ANYWAY, Tommy will not be snuggled to sleep by me. Ever. He just gets crazier and crazier the closer I get to him. So we've never been sleeping buddies. It's strictly a father/son thing and I almost never get to see it happen.

But last night Josh snuggled up on the bed next to Tommy and Tommy curled in next to his dad the two facing each other. Josh fell asleep in roughly 0.3 seconds and Tommy quietly in his very best whisper voice started talking to himself while playing with daddy's face. "silly daddy. sleepy daddy. one eye? two eyes! nose. touch a-nose. (this is what we do to horses - touch a-nose) I loooooovvve you." He whispered. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Tonight Daddy's gigantic body is curled around Tommy's tiny body which is curled around Scout's tinier body. The three of them are forming the most adorable line of spooning I've ever seen.

All of that is adorable, but barely holds a candle to Johnny's beautiful sleeping-baby faces. Which I simply can't describe.

Is it creepy that I love watching babies sleep? Whatever, I gave birth to them...

*Unless you're a robber. Then we're currently living in our house just like always. Please don't steal our stuff - ok? Our neighbors will hear you and turn you in. I promise.

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  1. Your footnote made me laugh out loud.

    Have fun on your vacation. And enjoy your sleeping boys. :)


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