Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why We Don't Live in Mongolia

Someone recommended we eat at the Mongolian Barbecue place in St. George.

We were happy to try something new, and excited for food because we were starving.

Josh went to get his food and I had both kids, which was't a big deal since John was sleeping in his car seat anyway.

Then Old Lady Mongolia (OLM) came over, and offered a chair for me to put Tommy on.

But Tommy was terrified of OLM. So he clung to my neck instead and I told OLM that we were just fine. thankyouverymuch.

But OLM wasn't about to stop there. She didn't speak, but muttered and motioned offering a chair for me to put John (in his carseat) in.

I (again) politely declined. The surface of the chair was smaller than the base of the car seat and I needed both hands to deal with The Clinger (er...Tommy) and didn't have a spare to balance a car seat full of sleeping baby precariously on top of the chair.

She offered the chair again.
I "no thank you'd" again.
And again
and again.
Repeat for like 5 minutes while trying to convince that OLM wasn't going to eat him for lunch.

Finally OLM left, but kept giving me the stink eye from across the restaurant.

When Josh returned he asked what was up and I told him that OLM wanted me to put our baby up on the chair. He made a nervous face and told me that I had likely offended her since it's like some major sin in their culture to put your kid on the floor.


But the food was delicious!

And the rest of the staff really liked us - giving Tommy chopsticks, and paper folded flowers and Tommy's first (and next 300) fortune cookies.

When we go back there I swear I won't put John on the floor. Do you think Old Lady Mongolia will appreciate it?

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  1. funny story! i wouldn't have known that it is a sin to put a baby on the floor either.
    luke and i used to eat at that place when we were going to dixie college and dating. :) good times.
    that and panda express... haha.


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