Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 months

Today John is 3 months old.

And what a beautifully, horrifically, hard and rewarding 3 months it has been.

John rolls over, barfs (a lot), and giggles like a mad man.

He's long in the torso and I swear I actually watched him grow all day yesterday. He was significantly bigger when I put him down for the night than when he woke up that day. He's wearing 6-9 months onesies and 0-3 month pants. Poor boy is a bit out of proportion, but it's OK because his mama loves him.

He watches me across the room and loves to be held.

He likes doing things - anything. And he does not like staring at the ceiling or being left alone.

He is sleeping through the night almost every night in his crib. (I know - I am the luckiest mom there is.) He also naps 2-3 times every day.

He eats like a maniac. I am still nursing him (heaven help me!) and giving him a 4 ounce bottle every time I feed him too. And sometimes just for fun I pump.

He has the most beautiful blue eyes I've seen since Tommy was tiny. Josh and I both forgot how beautiful Tommy's eyes were until we saw John's.

Little John never cries. I remember talking to Ashley about Stella when Tommy and Stella were little - she'd wake up and wait quietly in her crib for Ash to come and get her. Tommy would wake up screaming. There was nothing between awake and "GET ME NOW OR I WILL DIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!" I thought Stella was a mutant. I'm still not convinced she's not. But it turns out that John has taken a page from Stella's book. I hear him wake up, he coos and sucks his hands and waits. If I leave him too long he will, of course, cry, but more often than not, Tommy and I go in to "Wake up! John!!!" and are both greeted with smiles and coos.

Kid loves his bath. Seriously. Loves it. Every time.

Bedtime is still my favorite time of the day. Mostly because it's the only time of day I have all 3 of my boys home and together. It's a beautiful thing.

Somehow John has managed to win Tommy's heart. I'm not sure what flipped the switch for Tommy, but Tommy now (mostly) loves John.

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  1. He is getting so big! I'm so glad that he is a happy kid now (no crying AND he loves baths? Seriously?) and that he is sleeping well! And that picture of him with Tommy is awesome--it gives me hope for Carter and Lilia.


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