Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some signs I'm doing well

Fitness has never been my thing. But I'm working on it and slowly improving. Here's how I know (about the improving part not the slow part.....):

******************Exhibit A******************
This morning I had a Dr.'s appointment. I talked to him about some concerns I have with the PCOS diagnosis. When I asked him how else this would affect my life (you know, other than not being able to have a baby any old time I want), he said "well typically people with PCOS are overweight and have a hard time getting out of that. They also wind up with diabetes a lot of the time."

So we talked about it, and I asked him if I should be doing anything (more than I'm doing). His response: "Well, if you were extremely overweight I'd worry. But you're nowhere near my worry-radar."

Now, before you jump down Dr. Man's throat for being blind and stupid you should know that he wasn't telling me I'm a healthy weight (I'm not), just that I'm not "extremely overweight".

I don't care, I'll take it.

******************Exhibit B******************
I got a training schedule online so I can run that 5k instead of walking it.

OK really a training schedule fell into my lap (thank you nutrimirror) and I printed it and stuck it to my fridge. That's just my style of ambition.

Although I walk 3-4 miles every day, I didn't really think I could run a significant distance without stopping.

I was pleasantly surprised to run my 1.5 miles today without stopping (this is the first try).

When I started I promised myself that if I ran through song #1 I could walk through song #2. (I also make deals with myself about napping on Sundays. "If you get up and get ready for church, I promise you can take a nap after church...." Do you make deals with yourself like that?.....chirp chirp........ No? ...... Just me? OK....) By the time I got to the point that I would want to walk through the next song I was close enough to done that I wanted to say "I ran the whole thing" more.

Yay for running!

******************Exhibit C******************
I spilled salad dressing instead of oreo crumbs on my keyboard today. 

It's all about the little victories people.


  1. I'll be running all sorts of races this year. You are welcome to join me anytime. I have them all listed on my blog. I will be running some 5K's, 10k's, and even a half marathon in June.

    I also know of a few good training plans if you are interested.

  2. Way to go Amy! It's hard. When I ran cross-country I made deals all the time. (I hated cross country...I was a sprinter) Maybe I should start making deals again. (:

  3. Go Amy!!! I wish I was able to train for a 5K right now. I had fun last year doing my first too!

  4. Good job Amy! It truly is about the little victories. Celebrate the small stuff.

    Yes I do make deals with myself. I also make little bets in my head some days and if I win I get something I want. haha I am weird.

  5. Hey, when it comes to running you have to make deals with yourself or you'll never finish--unless you absolutely love running, which I don't. Mine are something like--I'll run until I get to the end of x minutes, then when I get there I decide I'll just run until I get to x or x.5 miles, then when I get there I think I can just finish two more's the only way I get through. Good for you!

  6. I definitely make deals with myself. Glad to know I"m not the only one. Sometimes I make a to do list then assign a number of pages to it depending on how hard the job is. When it's completed I get to read that many pages out of my current book. Am I the biggest nerd ever?

  7. Good Job Amy! I am proud of you for looking at the little victories that I have too. Thanks for reminding me!

  8. That is excellent! Congratulations. Oh and I make deals with myself all the time. Especially about naps.

  9. I am a deal kind of girl too and especially when it comes to running. I didn't know you were diagnosed with PCOS! My best friend was diagnosed with it about 5 years ago, you should check out her blog. It's called "Getting it done" and it's on my sidebar.

  10. Emily - definitely checking out your friend's blog. Thank you! I keep hearing about things other women are doing, and realizing it's more than I thought it was. *sigh*

  11. Hi Amy! You are welcome to my blog any time! Congrats on your little one. He is a cutie for sure. And, because of so many women with PCOS, our babies truly are miracles because we have to fight so much harder to have them... at times.

    Good luck on your journey. Please keep sharing your tips... like what is nutrimirror?

  12. You ROCK! Seriously.

    AND did you clean up the salad dressing on the keyboard? Cause that could get slimy and ew. ;)

  13. p.s. I think cleaning up salad dressing spills is worth something like 20 calories right? More than oreo crumbs anyway.


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