Monday, February 15, 2010


Some pictures from our tubing adventure.

Josh, Kate, Ryann & Randy on the way down the hill.

Mom & Grandma Huggie in the lodge.
Josh being towed UP the hill. Yes, this is tubing in style.

Me, Logan, Clint & Josh int he lodge.

Kate & Lucy

Dad on the way down the hill. Cute huh?

Nate & Wendy. How come we were never in your group down the hill huh?
If you wanna go tubing, but you're not so much into the hike up the hill, or the ride down is too short, or there's nowhere to get warm or you don't know what to do with your kids while you're having fun....this is the tubing hill for you. Just bring your whole family and take turns watching all 4 babies. Let the machine tow you up the hill and enjoy the warm lodge when it's your turn to watch the 4 babies.

Good times.

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