Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that this is Josh's last week of classes? Until fall when "real school" starts and who knows what will come then....

Did you know that even though Signing Time is on at our house at least every other day I've never actually seen it? Josh was here while it was on this week and said "whoa! why are there monsters in this show?" I turned to look and there were no monsters. He was just checking to see if I monitored what our child was watching. I don't. A bad habit I swear I'll break before he's old enough to go to the movies without me.

Did you know that the world's largest flower is the Rafflesia Arnoldii? It weighs 15 pounds and it's petals are an inch thick. AN INCH!!!

Did you know that it's been more than a year since I went to the zoo? A tragedy I have every intention of righting before too long.

Did you know that for a romantic Valentine's getaway Josh and I are headed to a cabin in Heber where things are beautiful and covered in snow and romantic and amazing? Yep. We're going with my ENTIRE family and all accompanying children. That would be 8 kids, 3 of whom are 6 months and younger. Should be a blast - snowshoeing, tubing, eating, movie-ing, puzzle-ing, sledding, snowman building.... *sigh* I can't wait. (For a recap of the visit 2 years ago see here. Somehow last year's visit got lost in the "I'm gonna have a baby!" drama....)

Did you know I clean the lint out of the dryer thing EVERY load? Even if it's too little lint to stick to itself and pull off I get old lint to pull it off. On the polar opposite side we have Josh. Who will do a load of towels, blankets (the ultimate lint-creator) , AND denim before I clean the lint thing. On the plus side I always know when he's done the laundry so I can thank him properly.

Did you know it's the Super Bowl today? I didn't (until I got on Facebook). That's because I don't care.


  1. lol. I realized it was Superbowl Sunday when I heard something about it on Glenn Beck Friday evening... I'm glad we're not the only ones that don't care. :)

    BTW, the cabin getaway sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. i feel smarter after reading your post! thank you, amy.

  3. Did you know I didn't know it was the Superbowl, either?

    Did you know that baby rats are called kittens? I find that ironic.

    Did you know that baby rats can also be called pups? I find that doubly ironic.

    Did you know that I find your posts highly entertaining?

  4. I knew that it was super bowl Sunday, but only because we tried to go grocery shopping yesterday . . . yuck. Also, me and Taege want to go to the zoo with you and Thomas. Also, yay for going to Heber!

    Also, that flower is GIGANTIC!

  5. Did you know that the driest (dryest) who knows...region in the world is the Atacama Desert?

    That flower was AMAZING!

    Is it Ilene's cabin??? Have so much fun!

    PS. This might say it's Heather but it's really Noelle! :)

  6. I wonder if I tried to grow one of those in my back yard...

    And yay for Josh being done for a little while! Can't wait to party!


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