Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's gonna be OK

Sometimes I forget that it's OK.

For some reason yesterday felt long. It was good (Dr. visit, grocery shopping, Costco, food put away, walk, visit with family, etc.), but by bath time at 6:30 I hadn't done any work (bad when you're supposed to manage your own time properly) still had visits to do, dinner to cleanup, my own dinner to eat, laundry to do, and the baby to put to sleep. PLUS I clearly needed to finish watching The Biggest Loser.

Do you ever feel like you've already put in a full day before you've even started your own stuff?

That's how it was.

Fortunately my incredibly intuitive husband noticed that I was bawling my eyes out while bathing Thomas and asked if I'd like him to put Thomas down for bed. (Nothing gets by this one I tell ya...)

Miraculously I survived the night but I give the credit to Dr. Seuss.

The monitor was on (because it always is) and while I worked on the computer, I listened to Josh read to Thomas about "the places he'd go" and suddenly I didn't think I'd die before 7pm.

And you know what? I didn't. (Die I mean.)


  1. ah yes. i have those days too. the worst is when i have to work. it's like having two jobs. and still housework to do. blah.

  2. Those days...but I am so glad that you survived. You're amazing! Keep it up!


  3. I feel like I could have written this post, I too work at night and it is so hard! Thank heaven for supportive husbands and Dr. Seuss.

  4. Amy... I love that you are so "real" on your blog. You are so honest and it is refreshing. You amaze me all the time. Psst... so glad I got to see you today. ;)

  5. Ah, This is awesome! Puts to bed
    many misnomers I've seen


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