Saturday, February 6, 2010

An empty day

Well, I've been up since about 5 which means the dishes are done, the laundry is as caught up as it's gonna get, and I have the day off work.

Josh left for school at 6:30 and won't be home until 7:30 (tonight)

It's just me and Thomas all day long. Except for a very exciting date with Stella later on.

It's weird (because this is how it is EVERY day of the week) but I feel like I've got nothing going on. What do you do when you're bored? I kinda feel like I should make cookies or something.

I haven't had a day that felt this empty in a long long time, so I haven't a clue where to begin.

I'm open to suggestions. :)


  1. i watch shows or get on the computer while i nurse, and clean my house when i'm not playing cars with cole :)

  2. Quick make a mess! Then not only do you feel like you have done something, you get to clean it up when you are bored later.

  3. i've been feeling the same way today!! maybe you should make some cookies for me to eat ;)

  4. Dear Kirst. It's 8:30 at night! What kind of person eats cookies at 8:30pm? What would your mother say...tsk tsk.

  5. You guys need to let Jayden and I bee the third wheel on Stella and Thomas's dates. We get pretty bored too! :) Enjoy the free time now- once your child is mobile... goodbye freedom.

  6. Soak it up. Bask in the boring quietness of it all.


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