Sunday, February 21, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that in the US, Americans eat about 18 acres of pizza per day?

Did you know that having a baby was the greatest thing that ever happened to our taxes? True story.

Did you know that when Josh has to work on Saturday, Thomas and I pretty much always go with him. There's just something wrong with him being not with us on a weekend. Because of this I've probably been spotted napping in gas station parking lots more than most gypsies.

Did you know that my brother-in-law called me a gypsy on last weekend's trip? I was wearing tennis shoes with a skirt. I looked like a gypsy, but I didn't care because it was the first time my baby had slept in 2 days and changing into pants would've meant waking him up since I was wearing him too.

Did you know that I'm officially finished reading sleep books? It's true. I don't care if I never pick up another again. Maybe someday I'll do a "sleep books book review", but not today. I'm busy. Josh needs to get his butt kicked at Monopoly.

Did you know that my baby is old enough for "solid" foods? True story.

Did you know that my family is gonna have a book group now? This month we're reading The Underneath and the rest will be online. I'm excited about it. I like my family. And I like books. And I like it when we're all talking about the same thing. So this is a win-win-win-win situation.

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