Saturday, February 27, 2010

One the I love about the internet

One the I love about the internet is that I have friends all over the place. And friends of friends that I love dearly that I don't know "in real life".

Nutrimirror has expanded that feeling by about 10 million.

Karynd (who is amazing) sat by some nice lady on a plane and based on the few things she said, I'm 95% sure she's LDS. (Stay at home mom of 4 kids flying out of Idaho to visit family in Texas. She sells Scentsy. She has to be mormon, right?) So not only do I love Karyn (who I've never met) I also love her new obscure friend (who I've never even TALKED to) who even she will probably never see again.

That, my friends, is one great thing about the internet.

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