Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Emotionally invested

First of all we're all going to need to agree to ignore the dirty socks in the background of these pictures. Also the spots where I wiped up the spit up but didn't wash the blanket yet. Also the fact that it's 3:45 and we're still in our jammies. And that there are 2 dirty burp clothes on the floor which we'll play with later. OK we've all agreed not to judge? Alrighty then, moving on.

Now that Thomas is all grown up, he's started entertaining himself a little more. 

That means I can set him down, leave the room, and come back before he starts screaming. Oh sweet freedom!

But sometimes I set him down, leave the room, hear the giggling followed by silence and sortof start to panic. 

Then I catch this view from the hallway:
Whatcha lookin' at babe?
Really. Is it that interesting? 

Oh no! What happened?
Early start in the men's biathalon. According to the announcers that throws off the whole dynamic of the race since it's based on "racing in the pack".

Don't worry babe, if you get too emotionally invested in the Olympics and you can't stand to see one more second of it, you can always return to your favorite hobby.

Who knows, maybe someday they'll turn this into an Olympic event. If so, you'll win.

In other news, while playing "One Mississippi" today we made it all the way to 3 Mississippi before I had to catch him. How long does he have to be able to sit up by himself before I get to say "he's sitting up"?


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