Monday, February 22, 2010

He screamed his pants off

It's been a really great day.

Thomas laughed and smiled at me.

He giggled and cooed.

He sat up for 15 seconds without help from me!

We had a great morning.

On an entirely different note: I hate listening to him cry. I hate shutting the door while he screams in his crib. I hate that I can hear him through the walls (and so can the neighbors). I hate that his face gets red and his fists shake and he gets tears in his ears.

But more than that I hate holding him when he's screaming.

So I tell him (all the time) "if you're gonna cry whether I'm holding you or not, I'm gonna choose not".

So when I just went in to check on him he had literally screamed his pants off. O. F. F. off screamed them off.

I'm relatively certain I'm NOT the world's best mother. However, I'm probably not the world's worst either.


  1. I'd say you're doing pretty darn good. It really is hard to hear them cry...but you have to keep your sanity!

  2. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Looking like a foo' with his pants on the ground. And his face all red 'cuz he's screaming like a girl and his pants on the ground.

    Giggle up, boy!

    Yeah, I just saw that for the first time the other day. And now we sing it all the time. Apparently everybody loves it. Rachel's always like, "Sing about pants on the ground."

    So, now Thomas has his own version. Sing it to him to see if he stops crying--he's totally up on his pop culture, right? Crazy dancing while singing is absolutely necessary.

  3. :) Wow this is great! Kids have such distinct characteristics.

  4. Maybe you should start with pants off. Just leave them in the bed with him and see what happens?


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