Sunday, February 28, 2010

One thing I love about not being in Montana

Remember when we were thinking about going to Montana?

To live there?

Forever and ever?

Well, if we had gone to Montana, this morning would not have gone like it did. No quiet Sunday music while preparing RS stuff for church.  No leisurely walk to and from our building (1 mile and 48 perfect degrees away from home). No perfect lesson provided by Katie. No thought provoking comments from ward members. No joking about "penalty for noisy baby" with Medinas.

None of that.

Of course we could've listened to our music in Montana, but I bet we wouldn't live a mile away from the church and I know it was not "48 perfect degrees" there.

Besides, Josh is a total stress case when he's acting as the Regional Operations Supervisor, and having that be his permanent job would not be good for our marriage.


  1. :D I'm glad you're not in Montana too. And really is Josh a stress case? I've never seen him act stressed before!

  2. Seriously, he's a stress case. I don't think I'd really every seen it before, it's not a comforting thing to watch......


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