Friday, February 19, 2010

They sure fall down a lot

Yes, I'm still talking about the Olympics. That's because I'm still watching. What, like you have something better to do?

Here's what I noticed.

They fall down a lot.

All of them.

The snowboarders, the skiers (did you SEE that lady land on her head and slide down the mountain?) the figure skaters, the speed skaters ( go ahead and take each other out Italy and France...go right ahead), the bobsledders (who are only 2 inches off the ground), I'd be willing to bet that even the "I bet people care about my opinion so I'll just talk through the whole thing" people fall down.

But here's the thing. They are at the Olympics! What are they doing falling over? If you can't do it, why are you trying? If you fall down when you try, how the heck did you get here?

It's not like I think they're doing something easy (they're not. One time I tried to move like they do while they're hanging out waiting for the competition to know the resting/stretching position? I couldn't do it. That's right, when I'm trying my hardest I can't do what they do while resting.) I'm just amazed that these Olympians who can do anything attempt things during the competition they aren't sure they can do.

I don't think Mariah Carey goes to a recording studio hoping she can hit that high note.....I'm relatively certain Dr. Man didn't walk into our delivery room unsure of how to use that vacuum.....and I know the guy who mixes the ingredients at the Dr. Pepper lab doesn't just hope he can properly meausre whatever it is that's in there.

It's not that it's bad. It's just that I'm baffled by how many people try and fall down this year. Has it always been like this at the Olympics?


  1. You crack me up. I cringe when I watch them fall, but at the same time I am glad someone from another country falls. I love watching the olympics, that is all we have been doing this last week.

  2. It makes me happy to know that Dr. Pepper is on the same level as Dr. man and the Olympics. :)


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