Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zumba, or The night she made a fool of herself.

I'm not curvy, just tubby.

I'm not "shakin' it" it's just "jigglin'"

But when you're in the Primary room at the church surrounded by signs that say "Jesus loves you" it's hard to have an issue with that.

Halfway through I figured out that the instructor wasn't taking a full step every time she put her foot down. It's more of "toe touch" move. (Which for her activates the hips.)

Three-quarters through I figured out that you're not supposed to move on whatever beat it is that white people naturally gravitate to.

Just in time to cool down I figured out that I'll never be good at this. (I'm white. I can't even hear that other beat.)

And on the way home I figured out I didn't care.

I'm going back anyway.

*Bet you wish there was a picture with this post huh?


  1. i don't need a picture... i saw you guys doing it! and i thought to myself... what are they doing??

    ha! it looked fun though :)

  2. Call me weird but what the heck is this zumba I keep hearing about? I am totally not coordinated so I haven't really looked into it knowing that I would suck at it.

  3. Oh don't worry about a picture Amy, I could totally seeing you Zumba-ing in my head. :)

  4. Stacey - it's exercise, but it's latin dance. LOTS of hips. :D It's way more fun than it sounds. And way less intimidating than you think.

  5. And Ariel - yikes! We worried about that. :) You should join us next week!

  6. keep it up! I'm at a point where I just don't care what I look like at least I'm working out!

  7. No, no picture...I want a video! LOL!

  8. It was fun! I personally think I get a better workout when surrounded by church paraphernalia. It's gotta burn more calories to righteously workout right? :)

  9. You're so funny!! It takes a little to get used to all the shaking and the little steps but you'll get, plus I saw you and were moving pretty well!!

  10. I love zumba and I love reading about your zumba experience. You keep shakin it!!


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