Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This weekend we went to Midway. Oh man we had fun. The first day we went to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. My neice and nephew aren't old enough to go on the big hill with the rest of us, but there was a little baby hill we threw them down and they loved it! It was fantastic.

This is us waiting in line to get up. Even waiting in the line was fun. That's a sign of good company.

After we got back we went out onto the golf course and found another hill to sled down. The sled was only fun with at least 2 people (or so my daddy said) so this is Josh and Dad's turn.

Saturday night we played a lot of games. Then Sunday after church, Randy had scheduled a big ol' game of 6 player Risk. Yes that's right - 6 players. Randy wound up winning, but I put up a good fight - it came down to the 2 of us. :) We played a lot of Set and a bunch of other games. Quite the party.

This is the boring-EST part of the whole vacation, and it lasted like 10 whole minutes and it was only cuz they were posing for the camera.

The last day we built this killer snow cave. We should have done it earlier so the little boys could play with us. And so we could sleep in it. This is the only time Randy (my brother-in-law) sat down - that kid can DIG!

They're a good family. Ryann actually liked it.

This is all who dug crammed into the cave.
Seriously, big cave.

In all it was a much needed vacation. I love that the more I spend time with my family, the more I like them. We had a ton of fun and we were definitely not ready to come home - I could have stayed for another few days...but no such luck. We survived our first day back at work so I guess we'll be OK with normal life again.

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