Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thomas's first photoshoot

So, the appointment today went really well. The Ultrasound Lady kept calling us "guys". "OK guys. Do you see that spine?" "Look guys, he's a boy." "Guys, here's his head." The whole time. She was nice, but I haven't been called "guys" in a long long time, so it sounded weird.

So guys, wanna see some really great Baby Thomas pictures?

Too bad. All I have are these. :) Make it do or do without.

That's his face on the Left, I think he still has a tiny bit of alien going on, but only in the cutest most adorable way possible.
That thing is his leg. The WHOLE thing. Bum on the Right, knee just below "leg" and toes on the FAR left. Seriously LONG legs. Does this mean he'll be tall enough to reach the vases above the fridge someday? I hope so.

OK this one is really hard to see, but I had to post it because it was the cutest thing he did the whole time (he's mostly a layer-arounder....don't know where he gets that....) We're looking at the bottom of his foot, just below where it says "foot", and his fingers wrapped around his toes, just above where it says "hand", he's grabbing his toes. 
He's still a boy! Some friends from the ward told us their other friends found out they were having a boy, then went back a month later and his man-hood wasn't there. They were disappointed that he was "no longer" a boy.
At this point the Ultrasound Lady said "and THAT (the big black space surrounded by the white border making a U) is your very full bladder. Good work." And I said, I'm glad it looks as full as it feels." Seriously, my tiny little non-existent pea-sized bladder is bigger than Baby Thomas's head.
And in contrast, this is how big Baby Thomas's bladder is (the dark spot just below the word "bladder")

And this seems to be Baby Thomas's favorite position. His nose and mouth are poking out just below the "lip" label, but his arm is across his chest and hands right next to his face. We can see 2 elbows, 1 lower arm, an upper lip (which looks normal) and a tiny little nose.
So far my favorite body parts have to be his hands/arms. They're just so adorable and I love them. I can't wait to see his tiny fingers wrapping around my 1 giant finger, or watch him hold his hands right up to his face the same way I do when I'm sleeping.

And the most important part of the whole ultrasound is that he has all body parts accounted for. 4 heart-chambers, 2 kidneys, a bladder AND stomach (which means he's swallowing), his lip is in tact, his brain looks normal, and his cord is 3 sections which apparently is what you want it to be......everything is great and that's the best news a mom could ask for.

She said he's measuring 20 weeks and 5 days "give or take a week" and we're 20 weeks today (based on his measurements at the appointment where they decided he was 6 weeks along), so that's a good sign. I guess he'll never really measure big or small because they've always based the due date on how big he's measuring....

He's 14 ounces (even though Baby Center thinks he's only 10) and that's right where he should be.

His noggin would put him at about 21.5 weeks, so maybe he's extra brainy....or he'll be extra hard to deliver...whatever.


  1. cuuuute! I'm so happy everything's just right!

  2. Your baby is going to be so cute! I'm glad everything is going great!

  3. I love the pics! I've had a few ultrasounds so I totally saw everything. And I love the hand grabbing the foot, it was SUPER cute! It's GREAT to see how well the baby is doing. And with any luck he'll be as big as my first (8 lbs 11 oz) ;)

  4. You got great UltraSound pics... and lots of them! Congrats :) They said Isaac would have a big head too. And I guess he did... but I was expecting a bobble head baby... and he is just perfect. Little Thomas will be too :)


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