Thursday, June 11, 2009

At the risk of sounding like I'm taking back what I learned in my first lesson in motherhood....I think I just learned my second lesson in motherhood.

This baby knows exactly what he needs and will take it from what he has access to. Call it parasite-ing if you'd like, but I think it's a miracle.

I've been consciously trying to give Baby Thomas plenty of all the important things - even vitamins and especially vegetables - so he can grow and develop as he should. But here's what's amazing to me. Even when I've totally failed as a mother and had nothing to eat but candy and popsicles all day long, he's still OK. Even when I've forgotten to take prenatal vitamins or blatantly ignored the child all day long, he's still growing right on schedule.

It's not like I plan to neglect my child or feed him candy and popsicles once he's born - but it's nice to know that he has the natural ability to get what he needs. He never took a class, or asked me what would be good to suck down the umbilical cord. I don't have to remind him to chew and swallow, he's just growing all by himself. And he's doing it perfectly. Say what you want, but I happen to think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and probably before sliced bread too.

Today we heard his heartbeat again (and added Dr. Man to the list of people allowed to poke my belly....sigh....) - which is significantly slower, louder, and stronger than it was 8 weeks ago. Come to think of it, I'm significantly slower and louder than I was 8 weeks ago too.

I have gained the perfect amount of weight. Baby's heartbeat sounds just great. I officially don't have to have the nasty peanut butter shots. (Thanks mom and dad for my positive blood. I owe you big for that one.) In all I'd say it was a fantastic 10 minutes of my life. Josh is officially to the point that he thinks these visits are unnecessary and part of the conspiracy all Doctors are "in on" to try and get all our money. I think  may go by myself next time, although he may miss out on something very exciting and be bummed.....we'll see.

Things I'm really looking forward to over the next 4 weeks?

  • Josh being able to feel him kick. I want Josh to fall asleep with his hand on my tummy feeling Thomas move around. It just sounds so romantic! Is that just in movies? Or does that happen in real life?
  • Me getting some energy back. Dr. Man seems to think I may still come out of this first trimester garbage alive.....nevermind that I've officially been out of the first trimester for the past 9 weeks.
  • Sleeping at least 2 full nights. I believe in setting lofty goals. Who am I to say miracles don't happen?


  1. I hope Dr. Man is right and you do get some energy back! There's still hope! And having my hubby be able to feel the baby was amazing. Sometimes when I slept, he'd push on my tummy and she'd kick him back and the two had their own little moment without me. Even more romantic than the movies.

  2. Falling asleep with the hand on the belly totally happens in real life.. and it's awesome. Josh should be feeling Baby Thomas moving. Jake has been able to feel the boy for about 2 weeks now

  3. Good luck with the first item on the wish list. I hope it works out. Once Tyson could feel Miles kick, he wouldn't snuggle with me if my belly was facing him. I could sleep through Miles roudy adventures, but the kicking kept Tyson awake! :)

  4. I want my husband to have that exp too one day...


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