Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It has begun.

This morning I woke up to a weird robbery nightmare in which Aundrea very bravely and willingly gave up her Blockbuster Card to the punk kids who had just finished robbing her neighbors (the Harris’s in my parent’s neighborhood). They tried to rob her first, but she said “no thanks, try the neighbors” so they left and stole stuff from the Harris's house instead. I kept trying to call the police, but I was scared the punk robber kids would catch me, so I didn't. But I did notice details about their car (it was a brown GM Frontier, with spray paint over the license plate and the numbers 1133559 tagged on the back of it) in case I ever got brave enough to call the cops. After a while I fell back asleep (hard to imagine after a disturbing dream like that….I know).
Later I woke up to the sounds of rain on the window.  A sound I usually love, but at 4:06 this morning I would have gladly removed all the windows from my house and left big holes in the walls which clearly would have solved the “rain noisily hitting the window” problem. What can I say, at 4am I am exceptionally reasonable and think of my best solutions to life’s problems. This is why I keep a notepad by my bed at all times.
Later I woke up to my alarm clock, something about a missing not making the bus. I woke up panicked because if I missed my bus and was late for work I knew I would get fired.  Then I remembered I don’t ride the bus and still had almost 3 hours before I had to be in my office which is 15 minutes away. I decided snoozing the alarm would be appropriate and pounded on it 4 or 5 times to make sure it was really snoozing and not turned off.
I’ve been sleeping with my carpal tunnel braces on so my hands won’t be so swollen when I wake up. After nearly beating the alarm clock to death my hands were numb so I poked Josh until he opened the Velcro on them for me.  Then I went back to sleep again.
Finally, I woke up because Josh was singing in the shower.  He was singing Let Him In from The Forgotten Carols.
2 years ago the Christmas music was part of our regular rotation by September. Last year we probably started in August, although there was cooler stuff (i.e. quitting my job, going on a cruise to Alaska, getting a new job, and removing the last of the paper blinds in my new house)  going on in my life then, so I didn’t write it down.
I guess Christmas really does come earlier and earlier every year.
Also it should be noted that when I got in my car to go to the temple at the END OF MARCH my Jingles CD was still in the CD player. That’s how long it had been since I last drove my car.  So, after a 2.5 month break, I guess it’s time to bust it out again….
Yes, I realize people hate people like me (I used to be a hater of people like me, but Josh called me to repentance), but it’s not like I listen to Christmas Music exclusively year round….it’s just kinda always in the mix. Face it, you love me anyway.


  1. They were playing some songs that I swear are actually Christmas songs at Al-Azhar park today...and they don't even have Christmas here, so...

  2. Wow. Those are some wildly specific dreams, Amy dear. Sounds like quite the sleepless night you had! And even though I love you...Christmas music? In June? Really? Sigh. I don't know what to do about that.

  3. I do love you anyway, but please don't sing Christmas songs to me while I'm trying to sleep okaaaaay?

    And NOW you can understand why it's completely reasonable to want to take 2 hour naps every day.

    I wonder if your dream means something. I hope not because I've had some wacko ones too and if they mean anything, we're all gonna die.

    And NOW you can also understand why I couldn't handle ANY scary movies after Ryann was born. (I hate to tell us, but night time wakefulness gets worse and plus you have an infant to worry about protecting and feeding and all that.) I'm glad you remembered the number on the car--great job!

  4. You are wrong! I LOVE people like you because then I'm not alone!!


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