Thursday, June 25, 2009

Montana.....or not?

I'm bad at making decisions. Really bad at it. I stress, I panic, I can't function or focus or concentrate. I avoid all intellectually stimulating conversations, projects, and situations because I'm afraid if I think my brain will explode.

Once the decision is made, I'm fine. But until that happens I'm freaking out.

We had decided.

We were going to Montana.

Then Regional Manager started singing a whole different song.

"Please come to Montana and love it so you can stay forever because I need you here." turned into "Glad you enjoyed your time there. Feel free to apply for the position and we'll see who HR and Corporate like best."

So suddenly instead of aching and crying, praying and thinking, stressing and weighing our options; it has nothing to do with us or what we think, we're totally out of control and at the mercy of Corporate.

Josh has officially applied for the position and I guess now we just wait and see what happens.

As I was telling a co-worker we're wherever is before "square 1" in the decision process. "Ground zero?" she offered.  Yes Tahnee. Ground zero is precisely where we are. And it's not a happy place.


  1. Do you know when you'll find out?

  2. No clue when we'll find out. Do you think it's reasonable to hide in my bed until we do? Cuz that's what sounds good to me.....

  3. WOO HOO!!! I made the blog post! I feel so SPEE-ECIAL!!!
    Although this doesn't help, and you are probably tired of thinking and/or hearing it. If it is right, it will work out. If Tahnee has her way... you will live happily ever after in the basement 2 floors down. LOL! Oh... and I promise to stop praying that you stay there, cause I think it might be working, at least it did last night as you were here until about 6. :0)

  4. Just when you think you have life figured out...

  5. Oh boy! Good luck in your decisions:) I hear it is beautiful country out there though.


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