Thursday, June 18, 2009

On travelling with a child....

The thing is that Baby Thomas thinks we should eat. A lot. All day long. I didn't notice how much he eats before because it wasn't a big deal. Pack some crackers, yogurt, string cheese, apples, etc and snack all day long at my desk? No problem.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere Montana with nothing but wheat thins and a half bottle of lukewarm water in the car? Problem.

On the way home from work and realize that if there is not food being digested within 90 seconds (preferrably less) someone is probably going to die? No problem. Subway is around the corner. Josh asks if we can drive the 2 more blocks to our house and get something there and is met with the totally rational pregnant lady response. "Are you kidding me? I've been growing this baby for you for 5 months! 5 months of miserable sick tired grouchy horribleness and you won't sacrifice 2 minutes of your time to drive through at the Subway which is exactly .1 miles 'out of our way' because you'd rather save $3?!?!?! NO! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! TURN LEFT NOW!" Not  a problem. We turn left, drive through at Subway and the entire sandwhich is being digested by the time we get home 2.5 blocks away.

Transport us 600 miles North, plant us in the middle of a beautiful canyon with not even a sign telling how far the next city is for 45 miles. Add in the fact that the next 'city' consists of 1 stop sign, 1 gas station (at 3-freaking-dollars/gallon) and a sign indicating the next city is still 129 miles ahead and we have ourselves a big problem.

Josh keeps saying things like "I eat a lot more when I'm around you" and "Really? You're already hungry? Didn't we just eat breakfast?" and "please not Subway again." But ultimately gives me what I need.

The man is a saint. He really is. so far we've had Subway once or twice, Wendy's 4 times, and only 1 incident involving "scary meat" (Jamie and Chels? I have a bone to pick with you involving Safeway Chinese....not as good as you said). Plus he's driven the entire time, and I've slept....well.....a lot.

Turns out that travelling with a child is not the same as travelling with a reasonable rational grown up who is capable of making logical decisions. I guess I can't say that definitively because I've always been on my trips....and let's be honest, "reasonable rational grown up" is probably not the best way to describe the joy that is Amy Egbert.
Turns out travelling with a child adds an hour to any road trip any time any where.
Turns out travelling with a child means less time in hotel hot tubs and swimming pools and more time evaluating the difference between the "firm" pillows and the "soft" pillows. In case you were wondering, there is no difference. Not even a little. Believe me. I've evaluated.

I can't imagine travelling with a child capable of using it's limbs, vocal cords, and free will......heaven help me.


  1. Subway is what every prego woman loves! Scott hates it... and he hates it even more now since we did a weekly run on the place while I was growing Isaac. If it is any consolation (sp?) at all... I dropped 27 lbs of prego weight in two weeks. Eat as much as you want :)

  2. Yep, the pregnant appetite is bad, but believe me, the nursing one is worse! I eat rediculous amounts of food when I'm nursing!
    Have you seen the skit from SNL where Chris Farley yells, "LAY OFF, I'M STARVING!!!" It's kind of like that.

  3. Just wait until you're in the same situation with a 4 year old who's potty trained and say "I need to go potty!" There's no holding have 3 options...she can pee in the car, in a diaper, or on the side of the road...which do you choose? LOL Traveling with kids is F.U.N...I should know. LOL

  4. Yes, that is EXACTLY what it is like being pregnant. I get mood swings like crazy and turn into the kid from the exorcist when I don't eat the moment I get a hunger pang. :(

  5. ooooo I love Subway! 5 dolla footlongs baby! And besides, your body is doing a lot of work. Good job growin baby Thomas!


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