Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hotel Living

We checked into the Staybridge Hotel in Missoula on Monday night.

It was beautiful. Lovely. Of good report. And yes, even praisworthy. There's a kitchen area with full fridge, microwave, stove top, dishes and dishwasher. It's new and clean and beautiful and inviting and that scratchy hotel bedspread is nowhere to be found. We were happy.

Then we went somewhere else, paid a little more, got a little less.

Then we went somewhere else, paid even MORE and got even LESS.

Tonight we're back at the Staybridge because...well....why would we go anywhere else?

Only now we're those high maintenance people.
We paid with 3 different gift cards.
We needed to use the computers to scan a document and it didn't work, so we asked for help.
We didn't feel like going out for dinner so we asked what frozen food we could buy from them.
We wanted to watch a movie, so instead of going to Redbox we borrowed one from them. Josh and I stood there for like 10 minutes trying to decide what to watch. Now we're watching something about General Patten on the History Channel.
I had an unplanned vomit incident just as we were leaving last time. (Do they leave notes in your file for that kind of thing? I hope not....that's embarrasing.) I did the best I could to clean it up, but really.....there just aren't appropriate supplies for that kind of thing. (PS Free laundry facilities in a hotel might be the best invention ever.)
So far we've been here exactly 2.5 hours and I've talked to the nice front desk people about 10 times.....they're always nice, but I have to wonder, how bad do they hate me in real life? Do I walk away and they look at each other and go "what? did she really just ask for _______?" Cuz sometimes I hang up the phone at work and say those exact words to Aundrea.

Have you ever worked at a Hotel? Do you know what is normal and what is not (we never make the bed....or even fold our used towels, just leave them all in a pile in the bathroom)? Can you tell me if they put notes on our name that say "these people paid with 3 gift cards and puked all over the bathroom before leaving."? Do they think we're as annoying as I think we are?


  1. One of my first jobs was working as a maid at the Travelodge Motel in Cedar City, Utah. The most famous guest ever to come to that po dunk motel was Phil Reisen - you know that guy who does the commercials now but used to be the channel 4 news guy. You are too young to remember. Well . . . I remember trying to create identities for the people who stayed in the motel rooms I cleaned. Some maid is going to quickly figure out that you are pregnant, tired, and enjoying your vacation. You don't need to worry about being high maintenance - that's what they get the three big bucks gift cards for!

  2. LOL!! ha ha ha!!! Spencer is going to ban from reading your blog because I am laughing so hard I am crying and can't breath! ha ha ha!!
    Just and FYI, we stayed at Staybridge in CA for our three week business trip. We had two rooms. It was superb!! The boys LOVED the free breakfast, bring on the doughnuts and the fruit loops. But.... I did not vomit in the room! ;)

  3. Just try not to make eye contact with them anymore. ;)

    Remember the time on choir tour in Colorado when I accidentally ran right through the screen door at our hotel?

    When are you coming home?

  4. I was a maid at the Best Western in Logan for one semester in college. Don't worry about making the bed or folding the towels. We had to make the bed a certain way, and the towels all need to be taken to be washed anyway.
    And (At least where I worked) the front desk and the housekeeping people never interacted with each other at all. So they probably don't even know about the vomit! And the maids who do know about the vomit have undoubtedly encountered worse. Trust me. Don't worry about it.

  5. The thing about the front desk and housekeeping not interacting is a lie. However, the housekeeping people have probably found dead bodies (it they've been there for any length of time), so vomit is NOTHING. Trust me.

    As for the front desk, as long as you're smiling and not being a brat, they are happy to do anything for you. REally. Which isn't really that much different from our job now.

    Ah, days working at a hotel. I hated them! :)


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