Thursday, June 25, 2009

23 weeks

Tuesday was my 23 week mark.

Wanna know what that means?

Baby can hear loud noises like the vacuum cleaner or dog barking which is good because he'll get used to them and they won’t faze him later.  That means nothing to me because I don't vacuum and don't have a dog. Josh and I made a deal before we got married. He doesn't do vomit. I don't do floors. I thought it was a good deal at the time because floors because normally floors happen more often than vomit.......not lately.

There is a whole pound (and almost a foot) of baby swimming around in there all day every day! I only feel him every once in a while, but hopefully that's about to change.....In the meantime I'm assuming that he's growing, learning, and becoming everything he should be. 

The weekly update pictures makes him look like a tiny little old man - in a creepy way. I keep feeling some body part sticking out of my belly. I keep poking it hard to feel the whole outline of it - how hard is his skull right now? I'm not going to do any permanent damage poking around am I?
Meanwhile, I’m swelling (farewell beautiful wedding ring), retaining water, wearing my carpal tunnel braces, dealing with constant heartburn, the inability to sleep, and yes. still puking…..pregnancy is an amazing gift.

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  1. Don't forget to take the Zantac imitation acid relief pill every day it helps SO much! (Thanks Costco for having it cheaper.)

    Also, he's gonna be a cute baby okay? And I think he likes it when you push on him. Bonding.


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