Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I specifically remember the week my nephew discovered his eyebrows. My brother in law (Clint) came to my mom’s house for Sunday dinner and announced that Garret (or was it Dallin? I don’t really remember that part.) had just found his eyebrows.
Apparently they spent the morning making faces at each other and the 1 year old had discovered (1) that he has eyebrows (2) that dad had eyebrows and (3) that he could move those eyebrows on command just like his dad. Some pretty important discoveries if you ask me.
Being the good dad that Clint is he encouraged this exploration and they learned together all the things an eyebrow can do.
Sarah, my oldest sister liked having younger siblings so she could practice things she learned on us.  For me it was a lot of experimental hairdos (when I’d cry or whine because she hurt me she’d just respond “It hurts to be beautiful”  that’s been my motto ever since….I still need therapy), and wardrobe adventures.
One time she learned that peroxide is a gentle bleach and you could spray it in your hair sit out in the sun and have blonde highlights without paying for getting your hair done or being in trouble for dying your hair. She was in high school and thought it was probably a good idea, but I’m assuming she also wanted to make sure it didn’t do something horrible before using it herself, because she approached me and Nate for the experimental phase.
When she approached me with this “very safe” experiment I politely declined – my hair is very brown, and I’ll be honest my 12 year old self knew best, I should NOT be blonde.
She moved on to my little brother Nate, the two of them decided that it was probably fine to do it on his eyebrows since it wouldn’t be that drastic of a change. Eyebrows are so little, you know? His 9-year-old self agreed with her very-persuasive-teenage self.
Nate is now 20-something and expecting his first child and he still has no eyebrows. Oddly – he looks good sans eyebrows – he’s cool enough to pull it off.
This week Baby Thomas is starting to develop eyebrows.  Add to the list of things I hope for my child that he keeps those eyebrows all through his life.


  1. I did NOT bleach Nate's eyebrows. Just ask me. I'll deny it. Even if I DID bleach his eyebrows (which I didn't) they definately would have grown back by now.

  2. Nate has eyebrows . . . just very very pale, somewhat invisible from far away eyebrows.

  3. Of course you didn't bleach them, Sarah...you used peroxide. That's different. :)

    Such a great story, btw.

  4. I'm interested to see Nate's take on the story Sar. 2 or 3 witnesses......


  5. I'm pretty sure that I remember quite vividly the bleaching of my eyebrows. The mix wasn't straight peroxide, it had some lemon juice too didn't it? And my eyebrows grow really slowly, so the part that Sarah bleached is still there on the ends and my natural color (which still isn't very dark) has started to show up in recent years (probably the last five or so). But it's ok, I don't hold it against you Sarah :)

  6. We definitely used lemon juice but I sorta remember peroxide too. Know what? Randy also tried it in high school (on his hair) when he was "on the mow." Didn't do a thing to his red hair but then neither did the dye we tried that one time.

    I'm just glad Nate didn't lose his eye sight from the whole experiment.


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