Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I crazy?

I know that everybody knows that nobody but the Dr. can ACTUALLY see what’s going on in that ultrasound.  I know that nobody is going to judge me when I say I really couldn’t have picked that heartbeat out of the crowd….er…static.
What I don’t know is whether or not I’m crazy for thinking that our baby’s “heartbeat” looked exactly like every other flicker on the tv screen. For all I know there could’ve been 29 heartbeats in there. Yes I saw the flicker. It was steady and fast. Yes I could tell what you were circling with the little ‘x’ cursor on the screen. But, I don’t think it was the only thing flickering on there. And I’m not entirely convinced that it was the “coolest thing I’ve ever seen” maybe that comes later. Along with hearing the heartbeat? Am I the only women who ever walked out of an ultrasound 2 times in a row thinking “come on – we have people walking around on the moon, they actually KNOW what hot dogs are made of, some human beings actually ran a 4 minute mile and I can pause ‘live’ tv. Really? You can’t get a better picture than that?”
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t think it’s amazing that Dr. Man (by the way, his actual name is Dr. Ward, but I’m referring to him as Dr. Man because I think it sounds cooler. But you gotta say it right. “DOCtorMan” emphasis on “doc”) can put his little camera in me and find all of my internal organs and see something growing inside me that is 7 millimeters big. It’s just that….well, I can watch a football game that’s currently happening a million miles away in my living room and the football looks larger than the XL pizza that just magically showed up at my door. BUT when I’m sitting RIGHT THERE he can’t even provide a full color picture? Really?!?!
The rest of the visit with Dr. Man (see? It’s cooler now that you’re saying right, right?) was relatively straightforward. He said that we’re 6 weeks and something days along and put the official due date at October 20th. When I told my mom, she said that I have already had what is officially the longest pregnancy of all time. She’s right. That means we found out when I was 2.5 weeks along and as any good Web site (thanks for the appropriate wording on that Katie…) will tell you, the first 2 weeks don’t really count.  So really I found out pretty much as soon as humanly possible. Also the same “good” Web site thought I was 6 weeks at that point. Then when I went to the Dr. 2 weeks later he said I was maybe 6 weeks. And again yesterday I was six weeks. Week 6 of this pregnancy has lasted almost a month. Which is insane.
All in all, the visit left me with one (or two….ok fine 25) enormous sighs of relief and one kinda freaked out husband. “Wait, we’re actually having a baby? We need to find some more money!” 


  1. I am so stoked for you and if you think pregnancy is long now, just wait. Each day gets longer than the day before. I made a chain, I'll make you one too if you need it.

    P.S. can i tell you how impressed I am that you got 32 comments on your last post!!! I'm lucky to get like 2.

  2. Im so happy for you two!
    Yeah seriously same feeling here when we got Kason's ultrasound- well his first. I was 20 weeks along and i kinda saw a foot and his "downstair parts" but yeah thats it.. oh and his big head! but that was just a round spot to me lol
    again YAY AMY AND JOSH!

  3. I just love your writing brain. When I read your blog it is like listening to you talk. I want to know the answers to some of those questions you brought up too. By the way, Abbey was delivered by a Dr. Ward (not my doctor, but the one on duty at the time). He was excellent and I had a much better delivery because he was there. I wonder if you have the same Dr. Ward.

  4. The same thing happened to my friend Joy. Pregnancy was like a month longer than she thought it was going to be. Wouldn't it be funny if you also were like 3 weeks late? That happened to another friend who, by the way, was not impressed. Then your pregnancy would have been like an entire year. Wow.

    Anyway, congratulations! Again. It is exciting, I'm sure. But I've never had the scary internal scans. I had my first appointment at 13 weeks and heard the heartbeat with the doppler, which was cool. :) You'll probably find that part exciting, too.

  5. The ultra sounds always leave me that way too and I am 36 weeks. I have an ultra sound 2x a week due to being high risk. EACH time I leave I think.... shouldn't I have ANY clue what this little gal is going to look like?

  6. I am SO right there with you. Those ultrasounds are very hard to read. We get one at our first visit too, which I think is way cool, cuz most people don't get one until they're like 20 weeks along. But, at this point, the baby just looks like a little gummy bear, or little black mark on the screen, not much to it. and if he had to do the internal one, those ones are even harder to see what's going on. And, sorta funny, your pregnancy so far is a LOT like my pregnancy with my 2nd, and he was born in October too...there's something with those October babies, they're trouble I tell ya ;)

  7. You ALWAYS make me laugh. I love it!

  8. I don't think it will help for me to tell you that elephants have a longer pregnancy than humans. I know it doesn't make me feel any better.

    I also wonder if the ultrasounds are a big joke and the doctors are looking at color pictures of the baby but they don't want us to know for some reason so we get the static. As soon as I figure out a motivation for that, I'll have a full-fledged conspiracy theory. Until then, I'll just trust that the doctors are telling us the truth.

  9. I'm pretty sure they could give you a full color view of your growing baby...but it normally involves scalpels and surgery and a bit of blood...I think they have probably found the least messy (and least painful) way to get a look at the baby.
    At least we get to view them at all nowadays! You have to remember that those enormous 6'7, 280 pound football players aren't laying in someones uterus...makes it a tad easier to film them.

  10. You could go get one of those fancy (and pricey) 3D Ultrasound things... there in color (if Sepia counts) and the image looks a little better. It was so sad when we went in to find out if it was a boy or girl... and I just couldn't tell. There is our Isaac's little bits before my eyes and I really had no clue :) So no you are NOT crazy :) But this is the longest pregnancy known to man!


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