Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A lose-lose situation.

Sometimes Josh and I disagree about the things we should do.

For example, the man actually believes that buying a kayak right now (in our current home and situation) would be a good idea. I think there are very few things that would be less practical to purchase given that we are about to have a baby (where exactly does one put a baby while kayaking?), we have nowhere to store a kayak (can we say 1 car garage?), nowhere to use a kayak (we live in the dessert!), and have no extra money (for things like kayas, but plenty of extra money for things like baby clothes).  This happens to be a disagreement that I am currently winning. We'll see how long that lasts.

Perhaps a better example would be my constant NEED desire to eat at Subway and his constant desire to eat at……NOT Subway.

Usually one of us doesn’t really care that much and gives in. But every once in a while (because we’re grownups) we respectfully agree to disagree and compromise (say it with me class “com-pro-mise”). Because…well….that way nobody gets what they want. It’s what we call a “lose-lose situation”.

Instead of choosing between Subway, which sounds good to me, and Taco Bell, which sounds good to Josh, we go to Panda Express, which sounds good to nobody. See how great that works?

The thing is this concept works for everything:
I want to watch a chick flick, he wants an action movie. We watch Paul Blart. Lose-lose.
I want to take a nap, he wants to do laundry. He plays Zelda while I read blogs. That way we’re tired, with no clean clothes. Lose-lose.
He wants to spend less money on baby stuff. I want some nice stuff for Baby. We’ll probably wind up spending a lot of money on un-nice stuff. Lose-lose.

And that my friends, is the secret to a long and happy marriage. A lose-lose situation, also known as compromise


  1. Marriage = compromise, with that I will agree. However, there should never, ever, ever, be a compromise about where to eat whilst being pregnant - especially when you are prone to the barfs.

    It's the trump card, you always get to pick! Tell Josh I said so. And don't feel guilty about it, just don't!

  2. I like win-lose better. I just have to keep reminding everyone, "If mama ain't happy..."


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