Monday, June 15, 2009

We're he-re!

We got up early this morning and headed for Montana and I gotta say, so far there's nothing not to love.

Other than the fact that my right butt cheek keeps falling asleep. Did you know it's possible to sleep for 90% of the drive from North Salt Lake to Dillon, Montana? It is.

Some fun discoveries so far include the Wendy's in Blackfoot Idaho - which is open at 8:30am but does NOT serve breakfast. (ha ha! Gotcha!) But...since we'd been up for 4 hours already, we figured it was appropriate to eat chicken nuggets and buffalo wings anyway. Also the world's nicest man lives in that Wendy's and will not mock you for eating said buffalo wings for breakfast.

In Dillon we went to the Beaverhead County Museum which was cooler than you think it was and ate at Subway where we saw 3 men in cowboy hats, 4 families eating after the t-ball game and heard one man say to another "it's raining, must be a good day!" (in a cheerful chipper non-sarcastic voice) Plus it was "free cookie day".

Probably the fact that I'm still in my pajamas wearing road trip clothes and listening to the rain beat down on the windshield in perfect rhythm with the squeak of the windshield wipers while driving on the virtually abandoned freeways through the mountains and forests has nothing to do with the fact that I love this state!

Stay tuned: you just might get a "guide to every public restroom between Salt Lake and Great Falls".....or pictures of Josh sitting on a 100 year old saddle in a museum.


  1. Seriously? I'm very happy that you are having such a fabulous time and loving it all. Happy for you.

    That is all.


  2. Amy! I'm jealous that you get to travel thought he great state of Montana. If you see a moose, you must take a picture for me. You must. I accept no excuses. I'm glad you are loving it. I'm also glad you are still loving us too (do you like how I am telling you that you love us-I do)and miss us every second (humor me). Keep us posted!!!

  3. We hit a deer and totaled our car right outside of Dillon. Montana is great! I'm glad you'r
    e having fun. :)

  4. Does Dillon, Montana still have Sasparilla Root Beer? Oh it was the best . . . . back in the day.

  5. @ Tahnee - I saw no mooses (mice? mouse?) and you're right, I do love you. And I did miss you ALMOST every second. :)

    @ Twitch - dear for us (thank goodness!) you are brave to travel so much!

    @ Dianna - I saw no sign of Sasparilla Root Beer, but we only went to Subway and that one Museum before we had to move time we go through I'll search more diligently. :)


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