Friday, June 19, 2009

On travelling with Josh

Really I think he made a deal with someone to try to prepare me for travelling with a 5 year old.

  • I started to sneeze at lunch today....he put the pepper shaker under my nose.
  • I tried to take a beautiful picture at Glacier National Park.....he stuck his tongue out and refused to smile.
  • He wakes up at 5am. He swears it's because he's not tired....but at 7 he's taking a "nap".
  • He rode the waterslide at our last hotel 5 times in a row coming up from the freezing water sputtering shivering and smiling every single time....and called me a sissy when I pointed to the "pregnant women should not use this ride" sign.
  • He thinks everything is a toy.....every elevator button included.
  • He collects free-stuff.....doesn't matter what it is. Gatorade powder, pamphlets on what to do in Montana, "to go" menus, hotel soaps, cookies, coffee cups (with the cool lids), pretty much anything he can get his hands on. When I remind him we don't need (or want) any of that garbage, he looks at me all cute and says "but it's free!"


  1. Bah, ha, ha! Guys are so awesome!

    We may have married twins.

    My favorite part is when we're cleaning out junk a few months/years later and Andrew says, "Why do we even have all these _______?"

    Honey...because you wanted them. :)

  2. I love Josh! You two are meant for each other!


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