Friday, August 1, 2008


So, the job hunt has been.....less than fruitful up until today....

Before we went on the cruise I applied for this job at the church that was amazing. I went to the interview and felt really good about the job, and to be honest I really got my heart set on it. It was (like so many other) the PERFECT job for me and I knew it was going to work out. We'll call this the "upstairs job" because it's upstairs at the Church Office Building.

So, when I got the "we don't want you" e-mail I was shocked, hurt, embarrassed, and kindof offended. But, that's life, and I tried really hard to do the "if this doesn't work out, something else will" attitude, but really I was just sad.

Being the non-emotional girl I am, I only cried for like an hour or two about how "nobody loves me, I'm not good at anything, not only can I not get a job, but I can't have a baby either, etc." Then I applied for another job at the church. I had an interview on Monday, and it went very well. I had a 2nd interview yesterday which also went really well, they said they hoped to make a decision by early next week and they'd let me know either way.

Today I got a call from the guy who interviewed me for the upstairs job. The ones who rejected me earlier. He asked if I had another phone number for my bishop because they were really hoping to talk with him today. So, I'm assuming they changed their minds about me for whatever reason, and I'm now being considered for the position again (or still....who knows). Unfortunately I only know his home number which means they won't hear from him until Monday at the very earliest.

Then I got a call from the Downstairs people, they'd like me to call them back as quickly as possible. Which I really think means that they are going to offer it to me. (Otherwise they would have just left me a message saying they'd chosen the other candidate.)

Here's the problem: if I turn down the Downstairs job (which is a perfectly good job, with people who seem really nice) and then the Upstairs people reject me (again) then I'll feel stupid for not jumping at the opportunity. But, if I accept the Downstairs job, and then the Upstairs people offer me a position, I'll be really sad that I didn't hold out for a better position.

And if the Upstairs people weren't really seriously considering me, why on earth would they call me back again? "Just wanted to call to remind you we didn't really like you. And we'd like to talk with your Bishop about all the reasons we didn't choose you, so do you have his phone number? They must be very seriously considering me or they wouldn't have said anything! So, I'll need to talk to the Downstairs people on Monday and say something to them.....the question is - what do I say?

As a side note, I need to point out that although this is a dilemma, it's one I'm happy to have. I just hope I make the right choice and don't wind up regretting anything. I am just thankful to have someone remotely interested in hiring me.


  1. Amy, I know you really want a job but is working at the church worth it to you? You are such an amazing person and you have SO much to offer, I just do not think that working for the church is you. Here is why. You are an amazing worker, which any employer would die for ( yes i know you will ask why don't they hire me then?????) Second being a female working for the church means that you have to wear a dress, skirt, monday thru friday, get decent benefits, always have to answer to the "man" because working for the church, women are limited to their roles in the work place.
    Third, you are a beautiful person which means that you will have thousands of men staring at you all day. Working for the church is a lot different than being a member of the church. Working for the church is like being at church 24 hours a day minus the lunch break. I have known way to many people that have become hurt or have been hurt by the"man" working for the church and I do not wish that upon anybody but most of all you. You might say 'but I am so strong in the faith" that might be the case but remember working for the "man" at the church and being a church member can be difficult. The"man" uses unrighteous dominion all the time and a lot of women are hurt. This is how it is: Just like at church the womans place at home is to cook, clean, take care of the"man" and make babies and be a support and working for the church you are supposed to feel that way, at least from my experience.

    You have to do whats best for Amy though. I know what its like to with out a job so finding one will make things better. I hope for your case anyhow.

    Signed with Love and Concern,

    Experienced Dark Curtain

  2. THIS IS waaaay too dramatic to be a man writing this.. LOLOL I just have to laugh at the perception of the Dark Curtain gal... PAAALEEAASE . I love my role at home as a "baby maker -that's the funnest part" wife, cook, and various other things. Amy you rock and grats on your job working for "The Man" is she referring to God? Because I would work for "The Man" any day if that's the case. As far as un righteous dominion I would just like to say we should not live our lives based around others mistakes. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but people who do that will be dealt with and it's not our place to change what we want to do because of others poor judgment. ANyway there is my two cents. LOVE YA AMY AND GRATS!! As far as you Dark Curtain, why don't you lighten up.. get it.. cause you say you're dark.. LOL LIGHTEN UP?!?! LOL Get it?


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