Thursday, April 16, 2009

fwawp fwawp fwawp

Yesterday we had another Dr. appt. Only this one was COOL. And I didn’t walk out thinking about how lame the advanced medical equipment we have is.
When he first stuck the heartbeat-listener-thing (what is that thing called?) on me, it sounded like he was trying to tune the AM radio at the beginning of conference. He moved the thing around, and held the receiver/speaker up to his ear and it still sounded like a really bad radio. Josh and I glanced at each other and I saw the panic in his face and opted to stare at the ceiling to avoid getting tears in my ears. I wanted him to jump up and run across the room to hold my hand and squeeze it 3 times so I knew he loved me. He just sat there. I just laid there…..trying not to breath.
Dr. Man moved the thing around some more…..more fuzz.
He moved the thing WAY out of the way…..more fuzz.
He moved the thing way out of the way the other way…. and there was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. Quiet at first, and drowned out by the static. But now that Dr. Man was on the trail, he quickly “dug deeper” and landed right on the thing. “fwawp fwawp fwawp fwawp fwawp fwawp fwawp fwawp” Baby Egbert said to us. A loud sigh of relief from me messed up the rhythm for a minute, but Dr. Man was right back on it.
“That’s a very strong heartbeat about 150” from Dr. Man.  Then because he’s nice he let us listen to it a while longer.
I wanted Josh to jump up and come squeeze my hand 3 times so I’d know he loves me. He just sat there. I just laid there…..trying not to breath.


  1. I have those feelings everytime they take forever to get the heartbeat... 150 eh? I am calling this one a girl. You heard it here first. I am saying that you're having a girl!

  2. its the best sound in the world huh!?

  3. Doppler. It's called a doppler, I think.

    Congratulations! It's such a happy sound!

  4. Yay! You know, you can buy those dopplers...I don't know where, but I know you can buy one. :)

  5. That's so exciting!
    (But would you hate me if I said that my favorite part of the post was when you said "...stare at the ceiling to avoid getting tears in my EARS." It made me laugh. And laughing it good. Maybe not as good as a heart beat, but some days it's pretty darn close).

  6. It's a darn good sound...nothing better if you ask me.

  7. Aww isn't the best feeling to hear that precious heartbeat!

  8. I love how you described the sound. And the very last line was very moving. Ü


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