Monday, February 16, 2009

Mother Lesson #1: Just because the baby says the baby wants it, doesn't mean the baby will like it.

Won't it be nice when I can substitute appropriate pronouns into sentences like that? I think the English language takes a lot of crap for being unclear, but in reality, it's a lovely language, what with all the pronouns.

ANYWAY. Here's my first lesson in motherhood. The baby wanted Southwest Tater tots for lunch. I wanted salad for lunch. In my attempt to compromise we first ate tater tots, then ate salad (I know it's sick! But don't judge me, the guy across the table from me already did...).

You'd think I would've learned the "just because a kid SAYS they want to eat something, doesn't mean they'll like it" lesson from the time we borrowed my nephews for a weekend of fun and let them eat as much of their Halloween candy as they wanted because we were being the cool aunt/uncle....... Unfortunately, I didn't learn it then.

But I did learn it today. Southwest Tater tots are not a nutritious lunch, and the baby does NOT like them. Even if the baby tried to trick me into thinking that he/she would. This baby is a tricky one....but fortunately I'm a quick learner.


  1. Tater tots and salad huh? No judgements here. You will learn the baby really has NO idea what he/she wants...and they won't for a long time! LOL

  2. I learned very quickly in my first trimester not to trust cravings. Actually, you are doing pretty good. Around 6-8 weeks I got REALLY sick. I hope you stay good... because for me it was over after that until a few weeks into the 2nd trimester. My warning if you throw up a lot. Don't eat raw foods like apples or veggies. Because throwing up coleslaw like food is gross and totally sucks!! :) I know gross, but trust me... you will thank me :)

  3. yum tater tots. I mean, as long as they're good ones. I've been really enjoying homemade french fries lately.


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