Monday, December 13, 2010


Yeah - Tommy does that now.

We've passed the "I'll take two steps just so you'll pick me up and kiss me" phase and now we're in the "I'll take as many steps as it requires to get over there where all the good stuff is" phase.

Please ignore the close up of somebody's face on the tv behind the adorable child, and just notice how adorable the child is. OK?

He also does this thing where he loads up his fire truck with all the important stuff he might need on his journey to the bathroom and pushes it over to the bathroom door. One time (okay, two times) the door wasn't fully closed and he helped himself to the magic of our restroom.

"Lovey bear" is a mandatory passenger for all journeys over 4 steps.

He threw fingernail polish into the toilet, unraveled a complete roll of toilet paper (pre-pulled-paper grosses me out almost as much as ABC gum), and discovered that although banging on the lid of the toilet is fun, swishing in the water is much more fun.

Who is this child's mother?


  1. Oh, welcome to the walking baby boy. Mine is a complete demolitionist. In 5 minutes, he will have all of the cushions off the couch, all of the books off the shelf, and all of the toys dumped out. Then he will find anything to use as a stool and head for more. We think he should tear buildings down for a career. He is really good at it!

  2. ew. not the walking part, just the hands on the potty part. Love your little boy!

  3. This baby's Mother I've been told is an amazing, talented, smart, fun, funny and just an all around GREAT MOM and WOMAN! I BELIEVE it! Tommy is so lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy. Keep up the good work!:)

    Tiff (Aundrea' lil sister)

  4. Hey did I mention BEAUTIFUL too? How could I have forgotten one of the best qualities? Duh!


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