Tuesday, December 7, 2010

self sufficient

About a month ago I started keeping Tommy's milk-sippy in the bottom bin of the door because he likes to pull stuff out of the fridge and I figured I'd care less about it if he was pulling something he was allowed to have.

This morning Tommy and I were reading a cookie monster book. There was a picture of milk, so I pointed to it and said "milk" he signed "milk" to me and crawled over to the fridge to bang on the door.

I opened the fridge door and he grabbed his sippy, took a gigantic swig and put it back on the shelf.

I know it doesn't really count as self sufficient, but it's still just about the cutest thing I've ever seen and it's certainly improvement. I mean, last year at this time he could almost hold his own head up.


  1. He has definately changed in a year. Oh my goodness he is cute!

  2. Way to go! Teach em young. You're such a great Mom.


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