Monday, December 20, 2010

If you lived here, here's what you'd hear (and see).

Me: "Hey, while you are both still handsome, can I take a picture of you by the Christmas tree?"
Josh: "Yeah. Hold on while I pose."
Josh: "OK, go."

 Me: "OK now can you get handsome again for a real picture?"
Tommy: "aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" (or loosely translated: "Daddy's tickling me and I can'tstoplaughingandIcan'tholdstillandhewon'tletgo!!!!!!")
Josh: "See? I'm making him smile."

Me: "Just one. Please can I have just one?"
Josh: "OK, OK." (hangs his head in defeat)

Camera: "overload - OVERLOAD!!!! DOES NOT COMPUTE."
Tommy: "ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!"

Me: "Fine, you're not that handsome anyway." (hangs head in defeat.)

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