Thursday, December 2, 2010

heads up 7-up: the online version

Apparently lifting my head above my shoulders is unacceptable behavior (as documented by the fact that I get dizzy and fall over every time I do it).

And so, I'd like to start a rousing online game of heads-up 7-up.

But only the part where the teacher says "heads down! thumbs up."

The rest of it doesn't sound like that much fun.


  1. that doesn't sound fun at all! are you sick? :(
    sick mom mothering doesn't go over to well. can i take tommy for a while? i'm positive him and max will have plenty in common.
    please let me know if i can do something.

  2. I'm in. Lucy and Logan don't want to play right now though.

  3. Oh Amy...

    I soooooooooo feel your pain. You know I do. Do you have medicine to take? Also, if you drink a Coke that sometimes helps.

  4. It sounds like you may be sick, I am sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better soon. Although, Heads up Seven up is the best game ever and pretty much the reason why I wanted to become a teacher.

  5. While I do love me some heads up 7 up, I'm really not okay with this whole dizziness thing. What is going on? Are you okay?


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