Wednesday, December 15, 2010


For all of my readers currently in China, I'll bet you could barely hear my shout of joy this afternoon.

It was because Josh took his last final (KILLED it!) and has officially passed all of his classes this semester!!!!!!

I've never been so scared that it may not happen, and I've probably never been so happy for any semester ever in the history of school to be over.

Happy day happy day!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! We still have 2 more to go at this house...tonight and tomorrow....and then a huge sigh of relief! Enjoy your inbetween semester break!!

  2. love it when i go to post my comment and click out before it saves it.


    YAY! congrats to both of you. maybe we should have an end of semester party?!

  3. Congratulations. There's no better feeling...except for maybe the feeling that Josh has right now. ;) But who are we kidding? School is hard for both parties. Yay for both of you!


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