Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kurt Bestor Concert

When Meleta calls and asks if you're available on [insert date here] you should probably say "yes!" and then get that way, because what happens on [insert date here] is a party. 

First we ate at Tucanos. While this happens to be my own personal worst nightmare (people wandering around with gigantic hunks of meat on sticks and sharing with everyone EWWWW!!!!!) it was positively wonderful. Plus they have a totally awesome salad bar and the world's best grilled pineapple, so I was set. 

Also, the dudes dig the meat. So...ya know.....

Then we went to Kurt Bestor where we sat a safe distance away from the front row (where you get called on to do stuff), but still close enough to notice how much Kurt sweats when he's really into it. The perfect seats. 

We parked 5 blocks away and walked to the concert in the cold wintery downtown goodness. I miss living there. I miss parking 5 blocks away from your goal. And I really really miss sharing a coat pocket with Josh because everybody's hands are warmer that way. 

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