Thursday, December 9, 2010


Josh has worked for Redbox since before we were married. He took the job so we could have insurance and he could have a steady paycheck (2 important things when you stop being your parents' child and start being your wife's husband).

Now Josh is going to school and although he's been able to work full-time and do school full-time this semester, he won't be able to do that next semester. So he has given his notice at work.

As of January 7th he will be unemployed and a full time student.

The last time that happened to him, he was 13.

It's a little scary when the primary income vanishes, and to be honest I have no idea yet what we'll do. We'll have no health insurance, 1 less vehicle, and my sporadic (at best) income to replace his good stable job. It will be an adjustment.

Adjustment doesn't quite seem like a strong enough word...but I suppose we have no choice but to do just that. Adjust.

We'll apply for financial aid, and we'll live off our savings as long as we can. In the meantime all we can do is pay our tithing and trust.

What do you do when your income stops and your bills don't?


  1. Trust our Heavenly Father and count your blessings. You guys are such amazing people you will be blessed!

  2. Wow, that is a big leap of faith, but I am sure that you will be blessed and figure out what to do.

    Please, please, please apply for Medicaid, though. It terrifies me to think of people not having medical insurance. I've seen too many times where it has caused so much heartache. And if you need help with any of that, let me know, ok? Good luck! Praying for you guys.

  3. I think this situation is exactly what government aid is for. Food-stamps, WIC, Medicaid, even cash assistance depending just how sporadic your check gets. Do the big application online and apply for everything that is listed as an option. Oh yeah, and don't forget the pell grant. Depending what year he is in school there is also an academic competitiveness grant. Also, pray. A lot. We will pray for you.

    You can do it!

  4. Yeah, hi! :)

    We moved in with Andrew's parents and put our kids on Medicaid.

    You can be on your parents' insurance until you're 26 now so you might want to look into that, even if it is only for a few months. I know. My birthday is in June and then I'll be on my own again...sigh. Anyway...

    We depend a lot on scholarships, tithing, and...ugh...student loans...patooey...

    School+family life=stress

    It's almost our anniversary. We'll have been married for five years...and students for...five years. Oi.

    But having your husband home more often (and slightly sane when he is home) is worth it. Is there any way he can keep working part time? Even that is busy but at least it brings in a little something.

    Good luck! :)

  5. This happened to us when we were in school too. We figured we could go two months before we'd need student loans and somehow we made it through the year with out any. The Lord will bless you while you bless yourself. We did the pell grant thing to.

  6. You do exactly as you your tithing and have faith. It will all work out, it always has and it always will. That's what we keep telling ourselves and it really helps. :) Good luck!!!

  7. Amy... you guys are amazing. You have such incredible faith. You are right, it's all about the trust- which isn't always easy, but the Lord is the only person you can really trust in this world. You guys will be okay. Nic and Dave did this EXACT thing, and I'll tell you, it was tough for them, but they were always taken care of, and Nic was just telling me not too long ago that even though they didn't have an income- and were living off financial aid/student loans, it was the best thing that could have happened to them. You will be okay... and if you need ANY ADVICE... you can call on Nicole, she was a champ even though it was hard. You are a good example of faith to me- I love ya to death!!!!

  8. I love you so much! You'll be okay.

  9. Just what you intend to do, pay your tithing and trust. It will all work out, I'm sure of it. We love you!! xoxoxo

  10. I can't really add anything that hasn't been said...but I know you'll be blessed!! That's a great thing. :) Love ya!!

  11. You could always come back here. I'm leaving, not yet sure when, but I am going to leave. They loved you here! Maybe everything really does happen for a reason. Good luck to you two, I feel your pain. It will be an adjustment!

  12. You've got it Amy, pay your tithing and trust. The Lord will take care of the rest.
    I could tell you countless stories of tithing miracles. I've got 10 years worth!

  13. Amy, all you need is faith! (And pay make sure you pay your tithing!) Mark lost his job at the beginning of August and we had NO income at all. That was hard. But we in trusted Heavenly Father and we paid our tithing on the unemployment we received. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the church. It was hard for us, but it really helped us out. So Mark finished up school and looked for a job everyday. And he just got one a week ago. (yay!) It was tough, and we were blessed not to be unemployed very long, but we always knew everything would work out. And it did!


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