Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Baby, I hope....

I find myself daydreaming and fantastizing about Baby Thomas pretty much all the time. I wonder what he'll look like, what he'll sound like, and how tight his tiny little fingers will wrap around mine. I wonder what kind of personality he'll have, and what sorts of things he'll like. I'm curious and excited about all of those things. But more than anything, I'm hopeful.

I hope Thomas gets Josh’s naturally straight teeth….and his hand eye coordination…and his metabolism, good hair, fantastic laugh and ability to listen. And I hope he gets my ability properly pronounce the words library, grab and converse.

I hope Josh and I can learn how to be responsible parents and that Thomas can grow up to be a responsible kid. 

I hope Thomas knows that we love him more than anything and that he remembers that he knows that.

I hope Thomas is healthy, strong and capable. I hope his body does all the things it is capable of and designed to do.

I hope I can keep up with him, because so far he's wearing me out. I hope a get some random burst of energy that will allow me to function all day long on practically zero sleep for the next 20-whatever years.

I hope Josh is at least 1/10th as cute with our baby as he is with everyone else's. And I hope he's 10 times safer than he's thinking of being.

I hope our Heavenly Father hears and understands our prayers. That he'll give us clear answers and guide us to do what we should be doing.

I hope Thomas inherits his father's ability to love people. That he can be as calm, mellow and patient as Josh is capable of being.

I hope Thomas's mind develops as it should, that things come easily to him, that he gets my love of reading, and ability to "do school" easily and Josh's ability to build stuff and work with his hands.

There are so many things I want for him, so many things I want for me. So many things that seem like such great answers. 

I hope we get only those things that will be best for us and extra of those trials that will teach us the most important lessons.


  1. This is very sweet. Keep it somewhere so that Thomas can read it when he is a parent someday (he probably won't understand or appreciate it until then).

    I hope that Thomas get's all those things plus your awesomely dry sense of humor. It makes Relief Society all that much better you know!

  2. I love your blog. You're going to be the best mommy!

  3. :) You're so sweet. You're going to be an amazing mom!!!

  4. Oh, and Josh will be a great dad as well :)


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