Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Salesmen....they'll getcha every time.

On Saturday Josh and I were in Orem doing some redbox (surprise surprise) and decided to go to the mall to buy a game from Games People Play. Josh was doing the potty-dance in the store, so after we decided what we wanted, I told him to go find a bathroom and he could call me and we'd find each other in the mall after. Anyone who has ever done this, should be laughing right now.

I walk out of the game store and get bombarded by a very hairy Italian man. He asks to look at my nails. Since I have a couple of minutes, I tell him he's more than welcome to look at my nails. He does, and then compliments me (this is the beginning of the sales pitch). Then asks if he can show me something. Again, I have a few minutes to kill, so I say yes. He sits me down and starts talking fast, and I can't understand what he's saying because he has a ridiculous accent, something about the healing properties of the dead sea. He files my one nail, and buffs it, and shines it, and then it looks SO MUCH prettier than the others. And he tells me that I can have this nail buffer block, WITH a bottle of lotion AND cuticle oil for the small price of $39.95. I tell him no. He asks if I'd use it if he gave it to me. I say yes, and observes that money is the only issue. I say something about how that's the story of my life and let him continue his sales pitch as I start to look around for my husband. He makes me smell all of his lotions (which stink!) and tells me that it really would be good for me to use this nail buffing system.

Good for me? What is that supposed to mean? No thank you. I tell him I wouldn't pay him a penny for it, and he lets me leave. I hate salesmen, I hate feeling like I'm being sold. I hate being told what I need, I just want to get what I need and leave.

I go to grab my cell phone from my purse as I'm walking away, and realize that my cell phone is in the car.....and so are my keys. Josh has his phone, and his keys, and I have NOTHING. Except my new game. I figure worst case scenario I can just set up the game in the middle of the mall, and eventually he'll find me. So, I sit and wait. Nothing. I walk around a bit, and wait some more. I think of boy scouts and how they are supposed to sit in the same spot, and then decide to go out to my car. Nothing. I walk back in, and wait. And wait. And then I start to feel like a sad, lost puppy dog. All alone, nobody to take care of me. Just me and my game. And then I see Josh, he's down the hall holding the phone up to his head, looking around. Clearly looking for me. As soon as I walk up to him he starts the sales pitch.

And it can fold to be any size you want it to be. Plus it's like the sturdiest ladder in the world. See? Look how cheap! We're now standing right by the nail guy's kiosk, and looking at "dude gifts galore" or something. They sell love sacs, knives, camping stuff, and most importantly little giant ladders. Apparently Josh has been in this store salivating over the ladders while I've been down the hall lost and lonely. I tell him that he has that much in his jar and of course he can get it today if he wants to. His eyes light up like it's Christmas. Only better. LOL. He's a cute kid. So, we purchase the ladder and go to my parents to show it off.

Fortunately the slip-n-slide was out, so we did get to have some fun with that. Good times slip-n-slidin'. Now we're saving for something new in our jar, and I'm excited because I think it's going to be something for our house....a kitchen table.....a bed.......a couch........something exciting, that's for sure. Certainly not a $40 nail buffer.

I have to say his sales tactics worked, in part. He only buffed one of my nails, and you really can tell a difference, which means my nails were all sorts of lopsided. In a fit of rage I went to walmart and bought a non-dead-sea nail buffing block (for $1.88) and buffed the rest of my nails so now they all match the beautiful dead-sea-hairy-italian-man shine. :)

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  1. I think you should change the title of this post to "Salesmen...they get ME every time" LOL, Whenever someone at those kiosks even looks my direction I start running, and if they do start talking to me I ignore them and keep walking. I'm glad you didn't get sucked into paying $40 for a nail buffer though, good for you. And yay for Josh getting his ladder :)


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