Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I "heart" Utah

Here's the crazy thing. We were going to have a barbecue and play outside on Saturday, and then it rained all day long. We still ate summer food though. Sometimes I get my seasons mixed up and can't tell the difference between summer and winter. But I NEVER get as mixed up as mother nature this week. It was HOT last week, unbearably, blast the a/c, can't touch the metal in your car hot. Then it snowed. I love snow. I love winter. I love it when it comes early. I love to play in it. And mostly I love that my dear sweet husband loves it too.

After a fun-filled weekend, we went for a drive yesterday. Every winter that we've been together we catch the "first snow" of the season. Even if we have to drive to it because it didn't technically snow where we live. So, yesterday we went up little cottonwood - or maybe it was big cottonwood....to be honest they seem like they're both the same size anyway - to find the snow. And we sure did find it! As we drove up it was beautiful because of all the fall colors. And then we all of a sudden hit the snow line. It was AMAZING because some of those trees just have snow halfway down them, and then it stops. Sooo beautiful! I guess that's one of the reasons that I love Utah. The crazy weather keeps you on your toes. The very first time we went up to the mountains to "find the snow" I got out of the car and immediately threw a snowball and Josh. He laughed and we had a great snowball fight. Now, I get bragging rights for throwing the first snowball of our relationship. Pretty lucky for me. However, he pulled into the lead this year and he's thrown the first snowball of the season twice now. Next year I'll be sure to get him first. But for now, I'll let him have his moment of glory. I got him better than he got me anyway. I guess that's just part of being married, sometimes you have to let your husband win so you don't hurt his pride. But beware Josh - you're GOIN' DOWN!!!

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