Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Job Interview

On Monday I got a call for Meryl (the first clue that she was Mormon was her name) who wanted to set up an interview for me for the position out at the distribution center. I set it up for yesterday at 3:30 and left work with plenty of time to be there on time. So, I got there on time, and then waited. Then waited some more. Then waited some more. And then it was 4:00 and Meryl said that the lady interviewing me should be right out. And then I waited 5 more minutes and she came. Fortunately I was waiting at the distribution center, so there was a set of scriptures to read on the waiting room table. I love the Mormons.

She came and got me, and we had a quick 15 minute interview, she liked me, she wanted me to meet the higher ups. She was nice. I'm qualified, blah blah blah. Only problem is, that the job is way out West, I don't get to work at the COB, and the pay is less than I wanted. So....that was a little disappointing. But, it was good interview practice. Anyway, they want to bring me back for another interview, but I think I'll politely decline and thank them for their time.

On the other side, Jamie's boss's are hiring a replacement secretary because the current two secretaries (Jamie and Janet) are having babies. So they're going to combine the jobs, and hire someone in October. They'll accept applications starting next week, and then interview, and then have someone starting mid-end of October hopefully. So, I decided that I'm qualified for that job, I'd work at the COB, which is great b/c I could ride the bus to work, be on temple square, eat at the cafeteria, and have plenty of opportunity for advancement. So, I'm going to try for Jamie's job. And, since Jamie likes me, and has been talking to her boss's about how cool I am, I'm hoping to get that position.

The only thing left to do is tell Kim, my boss. I decided last night that I think I'm going to tell her today that I may have my dream job offered to me, and if I do, I'll take it. That way she kind of has a heads up, but I haven't quit. So, hopefully that will go well. Wish me luck with both of those things!

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