Tuesday, September 18, 2007


On Saturday morning one of Josh's friends was sealed in the temple to her husband and two children. What an amazing experience. She invited us to the temple ceremony, which was incredible. She has a 2-ish year old boy, and then she married her husband, Jake, and together they have a brand new baby girl. So, on their one-year anniversary they were all sealed together. They did the normal advice for married couples thing, which was wonderful and made me think about things I should do better to make our marriage stronger. Then they invited in the kids. That little boy was so incredibly handsome. He had been waiting out in the hall and walked in wearing white, with a little vest and tie and everything. He was folding his arms and looks so calm, peaceful and reverent. It was incredible. He ran up to his new dad, and gave him a big hug, and wouldn't stop holding his hand. They brought in this beautiful baby girl, and together they walked to the alter. The little boy knelt down as close to his dad as he could get, and he put his hand on top of theirs. He could barely reach, but reverently did it. And they were sealed as a family for time and all eternity. The sealer talked about how being born in the covenant was one of the greatest blessings any child could have, and that now they were sealed together as though these children had been born in the covenant. He commended Ashley and Jake for making the choices necessary to be in the temple that day. He talked about what a wonderful blessing it is to have a family, and it was such an amazing thing to see them all together. Those children were perfect and happy and peaceful. After the ceremony, Jake (the dad) picked up the little boy and told him to look in the mirrors. He did and said "wow" and had a big 'ol grin on his face. I'm so happy for them, and can't wait to have my own babies that will be born in the covenant and have those same blessings. What an amazing blessing it is to have family, and to want family. I can't wait to be a mom.

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