Monday, September 10, 2007


Kokopelli is the native American fertility god. My mother in law is the regular old American fertility goddess. She's so baby hungry and SOOO excited for grand babies, and I have to say I think she'll be a GREAT grandmother, and I really really hope that we get to have the first grand baby on his side because our baby will be spoiled beyond belief and they'll be VERY happy with us for having a kid. :)

So the Reilley's went to Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago and all the kids brought back souvenirs for us (the Reilley's are good at the love language of gifts) so we got pooping cow key chains, and Cami got me a really cute necklace, and then Mom Reilley said she had something special for us. It's a kokopelli statue in front of an arch, and it's really pretty. I laughed, and she told me that it didn't mean that they were pressuring us, just that they wanted us to have nothing but good energy when the time came. :) I love my family and I love it when they "encourage" us.

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