Friday, September 21, 2007

Job hunt

Deep breaths. I'm the bravest girl in the world! I had a job interview with the mormons earlier this week, only it was out at the printing press that's on 1700 S and 2000 W. That doesn't solve my commute/bus problem, and it didn't pay as much as I wanted. But, I went to the interview, and the lady loved me and wanted me to come back again, and introduce me to everyone in the world and "spread my name around" so people could start getting to know me. I called her back and left her a message politely declining because I felt like it wasn't right for us because of the location. That kinda broke my heart, but at the same time, it makes me feel good that I'm qualified and that people would want to hire me.

The more I talk to Jamie the more I want the position that is opening up next week. I'm nervous that I won't get it, and scared that I'll curse myself, but really love the thought of working there. So, here are my thoughts of pros and cons:

Working for good people
working WITH good people (that's you Jamie)
cafeteria (sounds dumb, but it's nice to have a near-by option for lunch every day)
40 hours a week = 40 hours a week
take the bus to work
wearing skirts on a regular basis
not being sued for making a mistake (I'm scared of David Allen)
being "in" at the COB
advancement opportunities
they'll be happy if I leave to have a baby
doing what I love
regular "seminary" class
no more ridiculous requests
Leaving Kim high and dry
giving up overtime when I want more money
fear of killing mormon plants
wearing skirts every day
David Allen coming after me
less variety

I think you'll agree after reading my list that the pros outweigh and I do want the job. Now we just have to wait and see how it goes.

Fortunately, Kim, my nice boss, was very supportive when I told her that this job might available and I had to apply. She understood and was actually thankful that I told her before anything happened so she could be prepared. Sigh. Changing jobs is still scary, but I think we're tough and I can do it. I'm brave enough.

Wish me luck when I submit my resume!

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  1. Your resume is officially submitted :) And that is a lame list of cons, the only one I really agree with you on is the nylons, nylons suck. But the pro's definently outweigh nylons :)


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