Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's no secret that Josh and I love to play games. Our most recent favorite has been Ticket To Ride. Which is a blast. But, every once in a while you have to take a break from the "thinking games" and just play a little uno.

Sunday we went to the Egberts for dinner and had a great time. Josh's Ron-dad is doing remarkably well. He's even to the point that he can take a few steps by himself, and he gets himself out of his chair. It's great to see him doing so well. After a lovely visit and dinner we headed out for a walk around Daybreak. It was just starting to get dark, and the view from their home is stunning. We went around one of the paths and took some pictures of the view, it really doesn't do it justice, but it's still pretty. The sky was incredible, the clouds overhead were dark and threatening.
After our short walk, we went back to say our farewells to the Egbert family and headed home. We had to stop by the Reilley household to say hi and pick up Josh's "box-o-swords" and somehow got sucked into staying for a visit.
I love the Reilley house. Mom-Reilley has her fall decorations out, and it smelled some something yummy and fall like. Caleb was making cookies, Braden and Cami were playing go fish, and Mom was just soaking in the Sunday goodness. You know how some people were just born to be mothers. They love every minute of it and they are really really good at it? That's Mom-Reilley. I don't think I've ever met someone who truly enjoyed their children so much. Even when they're horrible, she loves it. You can tell her life revolves around her kids, and she wants nothing more. She's so content to just see them and be a part of their lives. I love that about her.

So we came in, sat down, got in a couple of Go Fish games (turns I out I had no idea how to play that game, and I'm not so good at it....) then got out Uno attack. The Reilley's had never played it before so after a crash-course in the rules and special cards, the game began.

Caleb won the first round in about 2 minutes flat, which is impressive since we were playing with 7 people. So we played for second place. After that got over, and we all had the hang of the game, we started again. This time I'm convinced we hold the world record for the longest game of Uno. All the niceties were lost and we all played to win. It was hilarious. At one point 3 or 4 of the players had HAND FULLS of cards, and had for so long that there was nothing to shuffle. So, we made everyone with more than 20 cards (3 people) put half of them back. We all quickly got back up to that, and we played that game for an hour and a half. Even with the mercy acts and letting people put back bunches of cards, there was no end in sight. The kids needed to get to bed, and we needed to get on our way home, so we were all relieved when Braden (or Tato as we call him) finally rid himself of his last card.

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