Thursday, September 6, 2007

Poor circulation

I decided to diagnose myself with "poor circulation" last night. I went running (a new hobby I guess....I only intend to maintain said hobby while I'm trying to listen to Deception Point because I can't listen to it any other time, once it's over, I QUIT) last night, and did my regular run-until-I-don't-feel-like-it-anymore-and-then-walk-some-more-until-I-feel-like-a-pansy-enough-to-run-some-more routine and about half way around the track my leg started going numb. Then it did that tingly thing (like you've been sitting on it wrong too long) for a little while, and then it totally fell asleep. I walked the rest of the way around the track, and felt bad for myself, and ruled out a heart attack (that's left arm, not right leg right?) and started to hit it. Yes, right there in the middle of liberty park I started beating on my leg to see if I could feel it. Nothing. I really couldn't feel it at all. So I just went home. As I was doing dishes, folding laundry and listening to "*just one more chapter" of my book my arms started falling asleep. I really couldn't feel either one of them. They kindof came in and out of numbness for the rest of the night, which is irritating. I have come to 3 conclusions from these observations. 1) I need more massages in my life....Josh didn't really agree.... 2) Running is bad for you. See? Told you so! 3) I have poor circulation. Anybody know the cure? I'm open to suggestion.

*I think the phrase "just one more chapter" started for me when I was in elementary school reading the book about the frog in times square. Thanks to my mom for teaching me to love to read. I still get addicted to the point of staying up way past my bedtime to read "just one more chapter"


  1. could be pinched nerves. since ive been preggo kason gets into a spot and it tweaks out my back. i have to have logan help me up stairs and stuff.
    but for circulation hottubs help. massages on the feet. look up what they do for diabetics. that would help alot.

  2. I think Josh is wrong and you are right, you need more massages. I personally think one ALWAYS needs more massages :) And I agree with you that running is bad for you. But good for you for doing it anyways :)


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