Saturday, May 2, 2009

What color is our baby?

People always wanna know, myself included, what gender the baby will be. When I say _____ more weeks and we'll know, they say "do you have a guess?" and then I feel stupid because I don't really know how people know stuff like that.

If I hadn't felt the baby, heard the heartbeat, seen the ultrasound(s), and peed on the stick myself I wouldn't really know I was even pregnant. How am I supposed to know the gender of this thing? Do boys and girls act different when they're 3 inches long? Do they feel different inside you? Can you really tell?

In short, I have NO idea what gender our baby will be. No clue whatsoever.

I kinda want a boy, partly because I like more boy names than girl. I kinda want a girl because Josh gets whooped over little girls and pink things are cuter than blue. I kinda hope it's a boy so any future girls will have a protective older brother. I kinda hope it's a girl because then she can be a princess instead of a Monster. And people will say she's beautiful. And I can put a bow on her head. I kinda hope it's a boy because prom and weddings will be cheaper, know....mood swings. Also I kinda like boys better, and together we might have a better chance at beating Josh at a Nintendo game sometime. Also I've always wanted to do the pine-wood derby thing.

There are pros and cons to both and the truth is I'm so thrilled that a human is growing inside me, that I don't really care what color it is. So, here's the question of the day. What color do YOU think my baby is? Vote on the Right.


  1. The best way to do it is to just have both genders at once.

    just kidding but seriously I can say they are equally great and totally different.

  2. I'm glad you pointed out all those pros for boys. I wanted a boy first but I didn't really know why, other than the big brother thing.

    You raise some good points, though...although I am not all that into scouting.

    Anyway...I think I should base your baby's gender on the gender I think my baby is, and like you said, I have no clue.

    Sometimes boys and girls create different "feelings" in the mother (some mothers are more sick with boys and less sick with girls or vise versa). I think boys carry higher (or lower--I can't remember). But you can't really judge unless you've already established a pattern.

    Also I think most of those reasons are old wives' tales.

    Anyway...I guess...boy.

  3. Boys are sooo much fun! Thats what I voted for.

  4. You know what I voted for! And, I've already thought someone else is having a boy, so no I'm not just saying girl since that's been the trend in the ward. Although, if you have a boy...our boys can be friends!!! :)

  5. Have you looked at your Chinese Calendar chart yet?? It predicts the sex of the baby... sadly it's been wrong for my two, and it says that the one I'm having now is a boy. GOOD LUCK!! I VOTED PINK!

  6. I think this was your 500th blog post. Did you celebrate?

  7. Actually this was 517...I should've celebrated at 500, but now that I know we're in that range, I can't very well celebrate number 519 now can I?


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