Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love the 20th.

Josh and I got married on July 20th like ump-teen (ahem…..2.5) years ago. The first year that we were married we kinda celebrated the 20th every month.
And by celebrated I mean said “happy monthiversary!” to each other. Or “happy love day!” or “hi babe.” Or “what’s for dinner?” What can I say, we’re party-animals and we are always looking for an excuse to celebrate.
Now the 20th is the due date of Baby Thomas (Listen, it’s not like I’m actually going to name our child “Egbert” but I REALLY miss calling him Baby Egbert….so I’m gonna have to ease into this ‘Thomas’ business by putting ‘baby’ in front of it for a while. Sorry. I know that’s annoying. I’m just not great with change. Get over it.) and every month on the 20th I think “holy crap, we only have ___ more months!” (5 today…in case you were wondering) “….AND we’ve been married for 2 years and ___ months (10 today, in case you were wondering) today…that’s nice.”
I used to work with this lady named Kim and she thought it was unfair to only celebrate her kids once a year (on their birthday) so she celebrated their “worth day” every single month. She didn’t go all out or anything, no parties, cake, or favorite foods. Just a nice note with a candybar, or a phone call in the middle of the day saying “happy worth day, I’m glad you were born”. I think that’s nice.
So the 20th is my worth day of love and babies. And I’m happy about that. With any luck at all Baby Thomas will be born on the 20th and I won’t have to try to remember any extra dates. It’s not my gift.
PS We’re 18 weeks now. That’s a lot of weeks. Really too many to expect anybody who is not currently pregnant to understand. Also Baby Thomas can probably hear now, so no more calling names or saying cuss words around me. OK?
PPS I also just got the e-mail from BabyCenter telling me not to drink alcohol. Not that I do, or have been, but wouldn't it kinda be too late to stop at this point? Isn't most of the damage done by now? I'm glad I'm Mormon so I don't have to worry about this stuff.


  1. EVERY day is a happy day. I love finding a reason to celebrate!

  2. We have been married SOOOOO much longer than you. I know because we hardly celebrate our real anniversary. Sad. It's because of Christmas. I tried to tell us that we needed to pretend like we got married in the summer so that we'd actually get to have a celebration but turns out we're too busy in the summer too. Dane it! Maybe I'll just start celebrating every 22nd (Or was it the 21st?) On second thought, maybe I should just stick to national holidays and hope to keep up.

  3. I still call Rachel "Baby." I need to stop. I'm working on it. Still.

    Rachel was born on your anniversary! It's almost her birthday. Holy stinkin' cow!

  4. Nancy, I really think it's unreasonable how much our lives match. Really it is. I can't wait until they overlap in person! :)

  5. We have a reason to celebrate today too! It's our 6th anniversary today. Hooray for the 20th!


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